Custom Patch
Custom Patch

There are many different types of materials and techniques to create a custom patch, Like Embroidery patch, Chenille patch, Sequi Patch, Toothbrush patch and so on.

The material is Polyster, Nylon, Twill, Woven fabric, Canvas, Felt, Silk, PVC, Silicone, Rubber, Leather, and etc.

The craft is Plain Embroidery, Bead embroidery, Sequin embroidery, Chenille embroidery, Applique embroidery, Hollow-out embroidery, Gold/Sliver thread embroidery, Thick thread Embroidery, Cross-stitch embroidery, Flat embroidery, 3D embroidery, Toothbrush embroidery, Spangle embroidery.

The backing is safety pin backing, Magnet backing, Iron-on backing, Plastic backing, No backing, Adhesive backing, Loop & Hook fastern The border is die cut border, Heat cut border, Merrow border, Laser cut border, Satin stitch border.

Custom size and custom design.

Follow Pantone Color Chart.